Best Science Fiction Web Series on Netflix

By sanjay verma

Sep, 27, 2023

"Black Mirror," Charlie Booker's tech-centric anthology, remains thought-provoking and imaginative. Despite recent episodes falling short, its mix of dark humor and chilling futuristic tales still engages viewers with diverse narratives.

Black Mirror

"Dark" is a hit German sci-fi thriller on Netflix, featuring mysterious family drama and a scandal involving four families. Like "Stranger Things," it stars Louis Hofmann and others and is a must-watch.


"Sense8" on Netflix is a unique sci-fi series about eight people sharing their minds and emotions across the world. It's a story of connection, acceptance, and humanity's essence.


"Love, Death & Robots" on Netflix, produced by Tim Miller and David Fincher, is a must-see for sci-fi fans. It's an anthology with various sci-fi tales, known for its diverse tones and captivating narratives.


"Stranger Things" is a surprise hit on Netflix, blending '80s nostalgia with Stephen King-inspired mystery. With compelling characters and a binge-worthy format, it's a must-watch.

Stranger Things

"I, Zombie," loosely based on a comic, follows Liz, a medical resident turned zombie who maintains her humanity by consuming human brains. She absorbs memories and skills, leading her to solve murders. This series is praised as one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix.


"Altered Carbon" is a visually stunning cyberpunk series on Netflix where consciousness can transfer between bodies. It's known for its philosophical themes and action, making it a top sci-fi pick.

Altered Carbon

"The Rain," a Danish post-apocalyptic series on Netflix, follows siblings surviving a virus spread by rain. They search for their missing father while exploring themes of morality and love. It's highly regarded as a top sci-fi show with fresh ideas in the genre.

The Rain

"The Umbrella Academy" on Netflix offers a refreshing take on superheroes. It follows seven gifted siblings, their estranged father's death, and a time-traveling brother's warning of an impending apocalypse. It's a quirky, mysterious, and exciting watch.

The Umbrella Academy

"Maniac" is a mind-bending sci-fi series with dark humor. Starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, it explores a pharmaceutical experiment in a visually stunning retro-futuristic New York City. It's highly praised as one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix.


"Alice in Borderland" is a gripping sci-fi series on Netflix, featuring characters trapped in deadly games in Tokyo. It's known for its suspenseful "play or die" premise, episodic structure, and a sense of unpredictability, making it one of the best sci-fi shows.

Alice in Borderland

"Lost in Space" is a classic sci-fi series with a 2018 reboot on Netflix. It follows the Robinson family's crash-landing on an alien planet, offering three seasons of thrilling adventures. This well-received show is regarded as one of the best sci-fi series on Netflix.

Lost in Space

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