Aston Martin Valour

By Sanjay Verma

September 8, 2023

To mark its 110th anniversary, Aston Martin takes pride in unveiling Valour, a breathtaking, ultra-exclusive special edition featuring a V12 engine and manual transmission. This tribute to the brand's rich legacy of front-engined sports cars is designed to thrill enthusiasts who seek unadulterated and sensory driving pleasures

Designed for enthusiasts who crave an immersive driving adventure, Valour sets an unparalleled standard for performance and exhilaration. As the sole front-engined V12 sports car offering a manual transmission in 2023, its dedication to pure driving pleasure is unparalleled, serving as a thrilling homage to a bygone era of automotive excellence.

Exclusively limited to a global production of only 110 units, Valour's scarcity positions it as one of the most coveted Aston Martins ever. Featuring an enticing end-of-an-era configuration that pairs the formidable 715PS/753Nm twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V12 with a custom-made six-speed manual transmission for the first time, Valour promises an authentically immersive driving encounter

Aston Martin Valour brilliantly showcases its immense performance capabilities and thrilling driving characteristics through its commanding stance and meticulously sculpted body. Crafted entirely from carbon fiber, the bodywork seamlessly blends Aston Martin's modern design ethos with iconic elements reminiscent of the legendary 1970s V8 Vantage. The outcome is a bold and unmistakable presence that captivates from every perspective.

The clamshell hood of Valour boasts a prominent 'horse shoe' vent and twin NACA ducts, ensuring efficient ventilation for the twin-turbocharged V12 nestled within. Aston Martin's iconic grille design has been refined to optimize both aesthetics and performance. Its central segment is adorned with aluminum strakes, while generously sized carbon fiber intakes on either side supply the engine and brakes with a steady flow of cool air.

Valour pays homage to Aston Martin's rich heritage in its interior design, featuring a timeless two-seater cockpit that exudes a rare combination of simplicity and irresistible tactile appeal. At the heart of this design is the manual transmission gear lever, which offers a selection of materials for the gear knob, including machined aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, or walnut.

The rear end of the vehicle boasts a striking tail-light design characterized by clusters of LED light blades, with six on each side, reminiscent of the innovative Valkyrie hypercar. Adding to the visual impact, a full-width aluminum accent, meticulously milled from a solid billet and polished to perfection, delineates the rear end, creating a captivating separation between the upper and lower sections.

Production of Valour is set to kick off at Aston Martin's Gaydon Headquarters in the third quarter of 2023, with the inaugural deliveries slated to commence in the fourth quarter of the same year. Positioned to ascend among the most sought-after vehicles in Aston Martin's unparalleled lineage of front-engined special series sports cars,