Army vs Navy Game

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he Army vs. Navy game is a historic football rivalry that dates back to 1890, making it one of the oldest and most celebrated matchups in college football.

Historic Rivalry

The game is often played on neutral grounds, with iconic venues such as Lincoln Financial Field, MetLife Stadium, and other NFL stadiums serving as hosts.

Neutral Ground

1. The matchup showcases the football prowess of two prestigious military academies – the United States Military Academy (Army) and the United States Naval Academy (Navy). 2. 

Military Tradition

he game garners significant national attention, not only for its athletic competition but also for the patriotic and ceremonial aspects, including military flyovers and other traditions.2. 

National Attention

1. The Army vs. Navy game is an annual tradition, usually held in December, marking the culmination of the regular college football season. 2. 

Annual Tradition

The game embodies the intense spirit and camaraderie of the service academies, with both teams bringing a high level of discipline and dedication to the field.2. 

Service Academy Spirit

The game rotates among different cities and stadiums, allowing fans from various regions to witness this historic clash. The rotation includes iconic locations like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York.

Location Rotation

The Army-Navy game is known for its elaborate pre-game pageantry, including the march-on by the Corps of Cadets and the Brigade of Midshipmen, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Pageantry and Ceremonie

While both teams may not always have high rankings in college football, the Army vs. Navy game holds great significance, often influencing the final rankings and postseason bowl selections.

Impact on Ranking

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