8 HIdden Tricks of Android

Enable Android Developer options

This will give you access to a variety of hidden settings that can be used to customize your phone's performance and behavior. To enable Developer options, go to Settings > About phone > Build number and tap it seven times. Then, go back to Settings and you'll see Developer options under System.

Delete cookies

Cookies are small files that websites store on your phone to track your browsing activity. To delete cookies, go to Settings > Apps > See all apps > (select the app) > Storage > Clear data.

Restrict background data

This will prevent apps from using data in the background, which can help to save battery life. To restrict background data, go to Settings > Data usage > (select the app) > Background data.

Split screen

This allows you to use two apps at the same time, side-by-side. To enable split screen, drag an app icon from the dock to the top of the screen.

View all saved Wi-Fi networks

This is useful if you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network that you've used in the past. To view all saved Wi-Fi networks, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Saved networks.

Check Notification history

This allows you to see a list of all the notifications that you've received, even if you've dismissed them. To check notification history, go to Settings > Notifications > Notification history.

One-handed mode

This makes it easier to use your phone with one hand. To enable one-handed mode, go to Settings > Accessibility > One-handed mode.

Use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a powerful voice assistant that can help you with a variety of tasks, such as setting alarms, making calls, and getting directions. To use Google Assistant, say "Hey Google" or press and hold the Home button.