10 Weird Motorcycles That Will Blow Your Mind

The Johammer Electric Bike

Unconventional and eco-friendly, its unique design turns heads. With a 124-mile range, it's electronically limited to 75 mph. The all-aluminum frame ensures years of pleasure. 

Tron Light Cycle

For $55,000, own a piece of the sci-fi dream with the Tron Light Cycle—a futuristic masterpiece closely resembling the movie version. Featuring a steel frame and Suzuki's TRL1000 V-twin engine, it delivers 135 hp and 78 lb-ft torque, a real bargain compared to the recent $77,000 sale of the actual Disney reboot version. 

Predator Bike

Riding the customized 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa from Pitstop Motors feels like channeling a Predator alien. With meticulous attention to detail, it turns heads on the road. Despite traffic tickets on the maiden voyage due to its jaw-dropping design, this beast commands attention.

Suzuki Biplane

Suzuki's Biplane is a design marvel, inspired by the Wright Brothers' biplane for an open-canopy feel. With a powerful V-engine, gold paint scheme, and a suspended seat, it's a true masterpiece.

Bohmerland Three-Seater

Bohmerland's Three-Seater, designed by Albin Liebisch, is a unique motorcycle for shared journeys with friends. The Czech Republic hosts an annual Bohmerland Riders Event. Consider adding a sidecar for the ultimate "Buddy Bike" experience. 

Sprint Beemer

Lucky Cat Garage's Sprint Beemer is a radical BMW modification with a design starting from the rear tire. Featuring a tuned '78 R100RS engine and custom NOS kit, it's at least 25% faster than stock. The bike, spanning decades with components from the 1950s to the 1990s, is a true masterpiece. 


The Henderson KJ Streamline 2, born in 1930, is a past-meets-future oddity with car-like dash, luxurious materials, and chrome accents. Despite being heavy and impractical, it exudes ultimate sophistication.


The Steampunk Scooter, a retro marvel by Arthur van Poppel, is a unique creation featuring brassy gold, pewter colors, and built-in see-through guitar with external speakers. A rock star's dream ride.


The Watkins M001 elicits love or hate, described as "strange" or "futuristic." An embodiment of extreme engineering, it's a wild creation inspired by the BMW Harrier concept, boasting a BMW R1150 RT powertrain and a speed-inspired aesthetic. 

THE RoaDog  

RoaDog, a colossal 17-foot motorcycle weighing 3,300 pounds, is a surreal marvel conceived by engineer William "Wild Bill" Gelbke in 1965. Built from aircraft tubing and powered by a 2.4-liter Chevy Nova II engine, this rear-wheel-driven giant can reach a top speed of 100 mph .