10 Weird Animal Facts

Worms Have Five Hearts

If a snail loses an eye, it can grow a new one.

Leeches have 32 brains, 10 stomachs, 9 pairs of testicles, 2 hearts, 300 teeth grouped in 3 jaws, and more than 2 pairs of eyes.

Jellyfish have about 24 eyes but no hearts at all.

Woodpeckers have tongues that go all the way to the back of their brains.

Black eagles watch their children fight to the death without interfering

Baby elephants suck on their trunks just like human babies suck on their thumbs.

Turtles use their butts to breathe and stay alive during the winter.

Seahorses and their close relatives, like sea dragons, are the only animals in which the male gets pregnant and have babies.

If a chinchilla gets wet, it might never get dry

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