Things You Shouldn't Do at McDonald's 


Waiting in line is a universal rule, yet some customers seem to believe they are exempt. Cutting in line disrupts the flow and irritates fellow customers and staff. Let's all wait our turn!

1. Ignoring the Queue

Cleaning up after yourself is a basic courtesy. Leaving trays, wrappers, and empty cups on the table creates extra work for the staff and makes the environment less enjoyable for everyone.

2. Leaving Trays and Trash Behind

McDonald's offers free refills on certain beverages, but that doesn't mean turning your visit into an all-you-can-drink marathon. Be considerate of others waiting for a refill, and remember that moderation is key.

3. Abusing the Refill Policy

The self-service kiosks are there for efficiency, not to test your patience. Take the time to understand how they work before creating a backlog of frustrated customers behind you.

4. Misusing the Self-Service Kiosks

McDonald's is a busy place, and seating is often at a premium. Don't occupy a table for hours, especially during peak times. Enjoy your meal, but be mindful of others looking for a place to sit.

5. Hogging the Seating Area

McDonald's employees work hard to provide quick and efficient service. Rudeness and impatience won't make your order come faster, but it can make the experience less pleasant for everyone involved.

6. Treating the Staff Poorly

While McDonald's does offer customization options, requesting numerous substitutions and modifications in a complex manner can slow down the ordering process for everyone. Keep it simple to keep the line moving smoothly.

7. Customizing Orders Excessively

The drive-thru is designed for quick service. If you're unsure about your order or need more time, consider going inside to avoid causing delays for those behind you.

8. Loitering in the Drive-Thru

While McDonald's generally welcomes all customers, it's courteous to make a small purchase if you're going to use the restroom. This helps maintain a balance and ensures facilities are kept clean for paying customers.

9. Using the Restrooms Without a Purchase

McDonald's provides free Wi-Fi, but it's meant for everyone to enjoy. Avoid downloading large files or streaming videos at the expense of others trying to use the network. Share the bandwidth for a better experience for everyone.

10. Overusing Wi-Fi

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