10 Hidden iPhone Tricks

Use the Shortcuts app to automate tasks

The Shortcuts app lets you create custom shortcuts that can automate tasks. For example, you could create a shortcut that turns on your flashlight, opens the camera, and takes a picture.

Use the Focus feature to reduce distractions

The Focus feature lets you silence notifications and apps so you can focus on the task at hand. For example, you could create a Focus for work that silences all notifications except for work-related ones.

Use the Bedtime feature to improve your sleep

The Bedtime feature helps you get a good night's sleep by setting a bedtime and wake-up time, and by dimming your screen at night.

Use the Screen Time feature to manage your phone usage

The Screen Time feature lets you see how much time you're spending on your phone, and it lets you set limits on how much time you can spend on certain apps.

Use the Find My app to track your devices

The Find My app can help you find your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or AirPods if you lose them.

Use the Translate app to translate text in real time

The Translate app can translate text in over 100 languages, and it can translate text in real time.

Use the Magnifier app to zoom in on objects

The Magnifier app can help you see small objects more clearly by zooming in on them.

Use the Voice Memos app to record audio

The Voice Memos app lets you record audio, and it can also transcribe your recordings.

Use the Measure app to measure objects

The Measure app can help you measure the dimensions of objects, and it can also measure distances.

Use the Compass app to find your direction

The Compass app can help you find your direction, and it can also show you the elevation of your current location.