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How To Save Money While Traveling

How To Save Money While Traveling

When it comes to traveling, saving money wherever you can, is a mindset that we all have. In this article, let us teach you how to save money while traveling!

Travel when it’s cheap

Prices of flight vary and largely depend on the month, date and most importantly -time of the travel. You will always find early morning flights to be much cheaper than those at night. Avoid booking weekend tickets, and look for flights that run to your destination during morning times.

Travel in off-season

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I have never liked or understood the idea of traveling to a destination when the whole world wants to. Why can’t we just go to the place when it’s quiet and meant only for you? In-season is just a myth and only dents your pockets- why not avoid it? Not only will the place have more to offer to you, but also, you will save a lot of money, which you can use to travel more places; isn’t it?

Avoid direct flights

Did you know, that stop-over flights cost you less? Check on the leading portals like, and you will find the difference in prices of direct and indirect flights. Here is a list of top five travel apps that can help you curate your travel plans.

Mix and match

Take a flight to-and-fro from two different airlines and you will end up saving few bucks. Also, like this, you get to experience two different fliers, which would always be handy for future references.

Carry your own food

Man, I tell you, whoever gives the price tag to the food boxes in flights, is a mutated soul. I mean, why would you charge so much for even a basic meal? My suggestion; carry your own food, just like your parents used to when you traveled with them during your childhood. No need to feel awkward, enjoy your home-made food for one more day, as you won’t get it much while on the go.

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Do let us know how to like to save your money while traveling in the comment box below.

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