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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

It was way back in 1899, that the famous Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, in his book – The Interpretation of Dreams, first talked about the motivation of dreams. And if we go by what he said, then dreams are a mirror to what you wish for in life, and are often a result of the day preceding the dream, which he called the day residue.

As much as it’s human to see dreams, it is also human to try to figure out the meaning attached to them. Hence, came forth dream interpretation.

Dream interpretation is a form of reading out hidden thoughts of an individual, stored in his/her subconscious. It is not exactly a form of divination, but isn’t far from it either.

“Our dreams are nothing but the culmination of our memories, wishes, fears, needs, wants and many other things and within these lay the complex symbols. Interpretation of these symbols into a language could be termed as dream interpretation” shared Rohit Dhawan, a leading tarot reader & crystal therapist.

Colors, numbers, animals, and shapes, all these have different meanings in our dreams and recalling the dreams is not an easy task. Almost 70% of the people forget their dreams when they wake up, 10% forget their dreams within 10 minutes after they wake up, and another 5% forget it within 20 minutes, another 10% remember their dreams, but in fragments. Only a mere 5% of people are able to recall their dream properly enough for a reading by a psychic.

However, have you ever wondered how one can get their dream interpreted and what are the after effects of it on the interpreter?

Reading dreams require conversion of complex occult symbols, into something meaningful. The psychic (interpreter) asks the person to recall fragments from his/her dreams and make a note of them. Once the psychic has enough information that they need to know, they start connecting the occult symbols piece by piece like a story and give out the reading. This is only possible when the individual has enough data for interpretation.

Another way of interpretation is that the psychic takes the dreamer in a subconscious state of mind and then makes an effort to take the information out of the person. An experienced psychic can also enter the mind of the person who has seen the dream and talk to the individual about it.

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“For this to work, the person who has seen the dream shall have to be in a completely relaxed state of mind and easy on his senses. This helps in organizing the mind, making the person aware of what is going inside, instead of what is happening around. The tools that we use for this can range from candles, pendulums and music. At times even just a calm conversation with the dreamer can help the cause” Rohit further added.

Do Tarot cards help?

Tarot is a different form of divination. Using tarot in dream interpretation is possible, but it depends a lot on the type of tarot cards used and on the psychic. Tarot cards are also made of occult symbols, but they differ from dreams. They could be used as a helping tool, but you cannot rely on them alone to interpret a dream. The real test of a psychic comes when he has to directly engage with the individual using only the body and the mind as tools to read the dream. This form is of interpretation is not common but is normally exploited only by an experienced psychic.

Spiritual Connection!

Spiritual power is nothing but a mind trained and perfected to the point where it can travel between a conscious and subconscious state at will. Spiritual powers cannot make their home in a disturbed mind. To enter into that kind of state, where your mind cannot feel your conscious body, requires years of training and practice. When you’re in that deep and calm state of mind, you hear nothing but your body breathing constantly. Proper interpretation of dreams requires deep knowledge of kabala i.e. language of occult symbols. Without knowledge of occult, one may find it difficult to practice this art.

Effects on the psychic

Knowing the real essence and the meaning of your dream may prove an exciting experience for you, however, for the psychic it is a draining procedure; both physically and mentally. The psychic who reads the dreams does undergo a lot of stress during the sessions, depending on the duration and intensity of the sessions. After extended reading sessions, a psychic might feel completely drained out of energy and may also complain of body fatigue and headaches. When a psychic is taking sessions he is constantly pushing his brain to an area, which doesn’t work while fully conscious.

He also has to stay aware of his physical body or else he’ll feel sleepy and won’t be able to conduct the reading properly. The best way to overcome these difficulties is through regular meditation to make the inner senses stronger.

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Most Common Dreams and their meaning

Snakes – Snake is related to hidden fears, it can also be quoted as an individual who is acting as a villain around the subject. It is also taken as a symbol of sexuality.

Lizards: – A person dreaming of lizards should be aware of all the circumstances and situations that he might encounter in the near future.

Fire: – It is a complicated symbol. The actual interpretation would depend on other symbols that appeared along with this. Fire means creativity, destruction and also sudden change. It also denotes anger, rage, and an uncontrolled situation.

Being Chased: – This also can have multiple meanings to it! It might involve a situation that one might be trying to avoid and run away from, or moving away from a person he/she might not want to be with.

Can you learn it? Yes of course!

There are colleges that teach how to interpret dreams when you study Psychology. You can also learn the same via a short term course in Hypnotherapy. The most important of all while you try to master this art is to understand the language Kabalah i.e. the language of symbols and also a form of divination, for e.g. tarot cards.

– Sandeep Verma

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