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Pinterest Auction Ads – Here’s How It’ll Affect You!

Pinterest Auction Ads – Here’s How It’ll Affect You!

pinterest Pinterest Auction Ads – Here’s How It’ll Affect You!

There’s very little doubt that internet over the years has achieved such a level of digital excellence, that we expect innovations and new communication ways to pop-out, almost every day. Having said that, at times I also feel that creativity runs on low fuel in between, as the leading giants from the digital world go about copying each other. Surprisingly though, it all works- just fine- at the end!

The trend is disturbing yes, but it is what is

Everyone knows how the PPC module of Google works and also the fact that Google is the innovator and the pioneer of this module, which many have tried to copy, some with success, some without it.

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Riding along this wave is Pinterest, which recently joined this race and introduced its own impressions and pay per click models on its advertisements. Now, the question is not why did it do that, but, what does it do to you?

Here’s a little more on it!

What’s the deal?

With this new mode of advertisement, Pinterest has joined the club of the world’s largest social media website i.e. Facebook and world’s single largest search engine giant- Google to pant you down with some serious bombarding of advertisements. Now, these won’t be your traditional, yet annoying ads, but sponsored pushed ads, through push notifications, that hit you right where the differentiation level between a genuine advertisement or a regular post is at its lowest.

How does it affect you as an advertiser?

  • The very first thing that it would do for you is bringing the cost of buying ads down. How? Because the advertisers, which is you, would not have to pay for users that actually click on the ad, but only to those who view it and the cost for these is always on the lower side.
  • You can choose the number of times a user can view your ad, thus, keeping the budget in check all the time.
  • More flexibility on pricing, as you can control paying only for ads that have reached a user’s screen. Thus you have more value for your money,

Pinterest Ads, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Hacks, Tech Blogs, Tech Blogger, Technology News, Social Media Promotions

How does this affect users?

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  • Well, be prepared for more advertisements to be visible on your Pinterest profile.
  • If you are one of those who love to block ads, then be prepared to have some rough times ahead, as after any new update in the advertisement module, the filters of ad blocks take a little time to get going!

Impressions vs pay per click

Every time you scroll a page that has an ad, an impression is recorded. Now, it doesn’t really matter whether you click and buy or just go offline post viewing the ad, you simply being on the page that has an ad, guarantees an impression. This is cheaper, but naturally, the total number of impressions is hardly anywhere near to the real number of people that actually viewed your advertisement.

Pay per click models work exactly as the name sounds – you pay an amount with the end result being a click voluntarily done by a potential customer These would significantly lesser than impressions, but are more “valued” because the clicker is a more potential customer.

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– Sandeep Verma

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