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Low Voltage Products To Save Energy

Low Voltage Products To Save Energy

People have become increasingly dependent on technology, as the Internet Of Things aids in the day-to-day tasks at home and in commercial settings. In turn, electricity and overall energy consumption increases, fostering the need for low-consumption products to save energy wherever possible.

In day-to-day life, it is easy to get caught up in routines and energy consumption is often not even on one’s radar. For example, imagine you wake up in the morning, turn the light on in your room, go into the kitchen and turn the light on, plug in your coffee machine and start making your cup of morning coffee. While that is brewing, you head over to make sure your beard is trimmed before heading into work, all the while leaving the previous lights on through your home. In the first hour or so of your morning, getting ready and out the door is your only priority. Once you get into the garage and turn your car on, you wonder, “Did I remember to turn the lights off?”

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Meanwhile, your coffee machine and beard trimmer remains plugged in, and phantom energy is being consumed even while you are not at home.

This one-hour morning routine, multiplied by days, months, years produces a significant amount of excessive energy consumption. Unfortunately, if devices are not connected with the right instrument, it can easily lead to energy waste. Thankfully, saving energy is an easy fix with low voltage products. Low voltage products help you save energy and the circuit breaker is a central part of it. A low voltage circuit breaker with the right energy management functions such as this one offered by ABB can make a big difference. In the above scenario, if a circuit breaker is used, when devices are off, the built-in sensors detect this and cut off electricity to the devices. Phantom energy is then saved and you have a bit more peace of mind in your daily routine, as well as a decrease in your electricity bill.

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An example of a commercial project that was completed more efficiently using low-voltage products instead of standard products was Bangkok’s new EmQuartier mall. ABB, a power and automation group, provided the products necessary to turn a project into a smart project. The luxury mall benefited from going with a low-voltage network by cutting down on engineering costs and the time needed to complete the project.

Overall, energy management can be made easier with the right tools. Low voltage products are a great way to save energy through simple day-to-day tasks to commercial projects.

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