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How To Master Digital Marketing Skills!

How To Master Digital Marketing Skills!

Marketing in this age, is not restricted to the field only. It has increased its arena to a domain, which we refer to as Digital Marketing. There is no denying that we live in the digital era, and being in the digital generation, we have to give it the due respect for the effect it has on our personal and professional lives. But as they say, every coin has two sides, similarly, if heads help us to connect around the globe, tails help the business to grow multi-fold by using digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing is itself is vast and needs to be implemented in a planned manner with proper execution to achieve the desired outcome. Digital Marketer has to have the special skills to get the best outcome.  There are four skills which need to be mastered.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In layman language, it is an unpaid practice which helps in getting more traffic to a website using some important keywords in a web search engine result like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.  It is a set of techniques, tactics and strategies which results in getting high rank in the result of web search. It also refers to as natural or earned results.  The more high ranking a website have in the search page, the more number of visitors it would have. SEO helps a website to be easily accessed by the search engine and thus, it leads to more number of chances to be found by the search engine. SEO is applicable for all kind of searches be it image search, video search etc.

SEO follows two practices to increase the visibility of a website i.e. white hat and black hat.  In which white hat gives the stable and lasting growth in terms of ranking. White hat uses quality content development, Optimization and restricting Of Website HTML. It follows the guidelines of a search engine in comparison to Black hat Practice.

Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as Cost per click. It is a way to direct traffic or to increase the visitors to a site by paid means. It is an internet advertising process in which website place their company ads in the search engine and pays only for the number of times the ad is clicked. It is referred to as buying the visits to your site rather than getting the traffic organically. It is mostly associated with the top search Engines like Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ad words. In comparison to the SEO where the emphasis was on key words, here the content sites charges a fixed amount from the advertiser per click. The Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are also following the Pay per click method.

Websites can also offer PPC ads. Websites advertisements use a Keyword which matches from the advertiser’s keyword list.  These advertisements are also known as Sponsored ads.

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Content Managers: Digital Marketing is nothing without good Content. A website has to be updated with the relevant information. A web content Management is designed to manage the content of the website which is also known as CMSes.  Text, Photos, videos, graphics, maps and codes comes under the web content.

Content on the website should be updated and relevant.  Content plays a pivotal role in Marketing as it fetches results from SEO. Content helps in driving the traffic to the site as the mediums have changed.  A large population use tablets and smartphones and search the data.

UX designer and Developer: UX Designer plays a very important role in building the web site. It influences the decision making power by the Information, content, architecture and usability of the website.  UX Designer has the keys to your website. They create the website in such a manner that it meets the needs of both user and business which is known as sweet spot. Sweet spot let the user get what they want and let the business achieve its goals. Designer creates the website by keeping the thinking and behavior of the user in mind.

Omm Dev Sharma, Director, Maverick Digital

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