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5 Most Annoying Fails in Marketing

5 Most Annoying Fails in Marketing

At times marketers, with a goal of promoting a great product/service, come up with great ideas to make sure that the consumer readily accepts the good/services that are being offered to them. But at times, they are also assigned the task of not promoting the goods, but creating a need for it, which I personally think Is a rubbish ideas.

Because when that happens, more often than not, they end u spamming the consumer, thereby, killing the whole concept of marketing and replacing it with the term – annoying updates! Having said that, it is also true that in today’s age, no goods or services are unique anymore and even if they are, it doesn’t take long for someone to come up with a clone product that can hamper your existence.

Amid such fierce competition, consumers look for only one distinctive point to switch brands. But as said earlier, to achieve this, not all tactics would work in your favor.

I have tried to make a list of five such marketing techniques, that you should definitely – never try your hands on!

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SMS marketing

It might sound like a gig that originated in yesteryears, however, it still runs. Even though the courts of India has pronounced it to be an illegal act of promotion, which invade the privacy of a person; it still continues! No amount of “DND” has been able to stop it, but I am telling you from my personal experience; no one reads promotional texts anymore.

Instant reaction? Select- Delete!

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Marketing calls

One more failed prodigal son of the national Do Not Disturb service (DND,) which makes it mandatory for the network providers or any other source to never sell anyone’s personal detail to the marketing agencies. However, it’s not rare to get odd calls about loans, cheap property on sale or general surveys. While I’m not alone, such calls invariably end-up with an annoyed cuss word or two and instant hang-ups.

Uncalled feedback requests

At the top of the chart for today’s consumer is- privacy and time! Begging them and spamming them with requests for quick surveys that can help you improve as a service provider is useless, because they just know it for a fact that these surveys would hardly have any influence on your marketing gigs. If a consumer is genuinely impressed with you, rest assured they would come and rate you by themselves, and well, if you suck at what you do, they would let you know that too.

Emails about discounts and services

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Have you made it mandatory for a user to share his/her email id when they first come to your page/app? If so, you have already given a negative impression to them, because they know that  you would flood their inbox with unnecessary updates now. Have you ever checked the stats on how many users actually use your services because you tricked them into sharing their ids with you?

Like it or not, they just delete such emails, without even opening them, forget about reading at full length!

Unnecessary updates

Exploiting the fact that any new change would show up as an “update” in the section of their Google Play store or Apple Store, developers often add negligible changes to apps and re-launch it as a new version, just to make users feel- they have got something better!. In theory, repeatedly reminding the user of your app’s existence would help get more active users. Practically, users can just look up changes in the same log and use their intelligence whether to update or not. For example, if you just write “icon change”, nobody in their right frame of mind will waste time and data to update that 80 MB app.

You think you know more such tricks that one should avoid? Leave your opinion in the comment box below.

– Sandeep Verma

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