Sandeep Verma
One of my friends once said, I am in love with words and a zoned out poser... well, I will keep it the way it has been said! Besides that you can call me a compulsive poet, wanna-be painter and an amateur photographer
Harleen kaur
I have always had a flair for writing since childhood, thanks to my interest in books and novels. I believe pursuing a degree in Interior architecture was an academic necessity, but writing is what gives me my creative satisfaction. So, here I am, continuing the journey of what I always wanted to do.
Meher Sethi
A poetess and an inquisitive soul, Meher is currently finishing her graduation in fashion media communication besides working in the industry as she explores her likings.
Mia Taylor
Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Traveling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips
Miss Bruno Aunty
A 70-year-old sassy lady who has got the class and the mass, that even your 19-year-old girl would feel jealous of. I am Miss Bruno, but you will call me Bruno Aunty!
Needhi Dhoker
Peter Minkoff
Peter is a men's grooming & fashion writer at High Street Gent magazine from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Salan khalkho
Salan Khalkho is an avid blogger around topics covering health and fitness niche. He loves playing cricket, badminton and enjoys hanging out with friends. Given the age and time we are living, most of us live a very busy lifestyle where it’s very difficult to make time for gym and cook healthy food at home. Through his knack for writing, he helps people live balanced and healthy life.
Sanjay verma
In a career spanning nearly a decade, Sanjay, has donned many hats in various fields. He started his catreer in Fashion Merchandising, but soon moved towards the more creative side of i.e. digital media! He loves photography, knows a thing or two about diamonds and is busy running the family business when not writing!
Sheard Thomas
Thomas Sheard is the Founder and Managing Director of Harum- Scarum, Men’s Grooming. He has a background as a Marketing and Management Consultant, also as a partner in a Film Production company. He is also a member of the British Barbers Association and the Brand Partnership Initiative, helping others to develop their own successful brands and business start- ups.
Amrit Borkakoty
Amrit Borkakoty- an Indian arts and crafts enthusiast originally came about in 2010 with her store in Bandra which ran successfully for 5 years with celebrities and the likes being some of her most loyal clients. Amrit wanted to expand Serenity and make its products available across India and also globally, was launched when her husband, Indraneil Borkakoty, decided to quit a successful 20-year career as an Investment Banker, to join her business and take it forward.
Ranjan Kumar
Sean Lockwood
Sean Lockwood is an IT expert with years of experience. He covers all aspects of IT like programming, photoshopping and other effects. He has spent some time in the field of security and is still helping other companies with the same. In his free time, he loves to enjoy nature and his two German Shepherds.
Dr. Bhawani Ramesh Nair
Dr. Bhawani is a BDS degee holder and is the Zonal Clinical Head – South Delhi NCR. She has done her BDS from Bangalore University(1994) and PG Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry from University of New work. She is a life member of IAACD (Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry).She is a confident health care professional with years of clinical experience, she has a long track record of successfully diagnosing and treating dental problems. She provides a full range of dental treatment with special attention to cosmetic dentistry and works with a team of specialists to provide complete dental solutions to patients. Her quality care and her empathetic nature are a huge draw to patients.
Gaurav Gupta
Author, Co-Founder:

An IIM-A alumni, Gaurav has a rich experience both in the corporate and entrepreneurship space. Gaurav had earlier founded, a TLDR EdTech start-up that understands your need to get quick and insightful information without spending hours poring over books and reports.

Gaurav has taken the entrepreneurship plunge once again in his 40s and is extremely positive of the venture’s success owing to the extensive work experience and deep entrepreneurial insights.