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Just a while ago she was screaming her lungs out – a cocktail of explosions of “oh my god … ohh”, “yes … yes”, there were moans and groans, instructional commands and then, there’s your name! (Harry Met Sally?)

Just a few minutes ago, she was begging for sexual mercy, pouting and purring in ecstatic vocals.

And now, suddenly (and only a minute later), she decides to change the sheets!

She doesn’t ask you to hold and cuddle and canoodle her. Her sexy husky whisper (post the in-the-act screaming) has changed to the normal everyday tone. My friends, you’ve just been a part of an award-winning performance!
It’s a no-brainer that anyone who reaches an orgasm, stays in that ‘zone’ for a few minutes. So, who do women fake orgasms anyways?

In the Eternal Endeavour of Pleasing Their Partner

And, not to forget, boost his ego too. Come on, what man on earth wouldn’t like pleasure his woman ‘crah-zay’? When a man sees his partner climaxing, not only does it turn him on (even more) but also brings him closer to his orgasm. A woman looking to please her man would fake it! Yes, most definitely!

During Times When She A’int in the Mood
Do you think it is happening often to you? Be happy about it. Even when she is not in the mood, she isn’t dissing you. She is happy to fake it so that you get the big O and she gets the big P. Whoa, not what you just thought. Big P is big pleasure of pleasing her man.

To Keep Her Man Faithful (read ‘Mate-Retention’!)
According to a research study done at Columbia University in New York City, women fake orgasms to keep the partner interested in the relationship. A drill down at the study showed women who thought their partner might stray were more likely to report faking. But, just faking the big O isn’t a part of their ‘Mate-Retention’ strategy; these women do what it takes to look HOT. Guys, a HOT woman wants you, what more can ya ask for!

Due to Lack of Technique
Sexual positioning plays a pivotal role in reaching orgasms when it comes to the female body. Yes, a lot of technique might be required for the man to make sure his woman reaches the peak of pleasure and explodes in throbbing orgasms. How can you do it? Simple. Just listen to her while in act. Speed up or slow down as she says. One surest way to stop making her fake it is to learn how her body works.

Because She Simply Takes Longer (ahem, longer time)
Women usually can take longer than a few minutes to climax. If the woman in your bed is a self-conscious type, she might feel embarrassed that she is tiring you. Under such circumstances, a theatrical is what you can expect best.

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This entire enterprise of women faking orgasms is ambivalent. It makes you feel happy that she is concerned with your pleasure and that she wants to be with you. On the other hand, it kills you slowly to know that she, most certainly, is ‘faking’ it. We have a solution to this. We have a solution to make sure your woman never (well, almost never) has to fake an orgasm. Want to know?

Oh, please!
Got it?
Not yet???

Use your head! (give her an Oral, we mean!)

Ladies, it takes 237 muscles to fake an orgasm, but only 15 to say, “it’s called a clitoris and it’s right here”!

– Anastasia Steel

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