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If You Cheat, You Will Be Caught (And Die)

If You Cheat, You Will Be Caught (And Die)

Title: If You Cheat, You Will Be Caught (And Die)

Cheating’s in the headlines again now that Tiger Woods and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn have parted ways. Reports by the Daily Mail say that old habits die hard for Tiger and his inability to maintain monogamy is the reason for the split. Neither of them have officially commented on the reason for the breakup, but it’s not a far stretch that Tiger’s up to his old tricks—no, not winning at golf.

It seems like every week a different celebrity couple is calling it quits because of someone straying from the monogamous path. But is it because more people are cheating in the digital age or is it that we hear more about it now that we’re more connected? According to The Atlantic, research gauges the percentage of unfaithful women at 15 percent and men at 20 percent with the gap constantly growing smaller.

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Esther Perel, a New York-based couples therapist, told the Guardian, “At all four corners of the world, at this very moment, someone is either cheating, or contemplating cheating, or listening to the stories of someone else who is cheating, envious of that person who is in the throes of an affair – or maybe they are the lover in the affair… With every marriage, with every relationship, comes the possibility of an affair. It always will.

And the possibility only seems to grow. With the rise of social media and apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Tinder, there’s more temptation and avenues to pursue infidelity than ever before. There’s even a whole service dedicated to it with Ashley Madison and its charming tagline, “Life’s Short. Have an Affair.” In addition, there are entire smartphone apps dedicated to hiding the evidence of an affair.

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Hell, one of them even got funding on Shark Tank! But just because it’s more visible doesn’t mean it’s necessarily happening more and it doesn’t mean you won’t get caught. As the tools for someone to get away with sowing some wild oats get more complex, so too do the devices used to catch them.

We’ve seen enough movies to know that there is no perfect crime and ultimately, karma’s a bear and it always comes back around. Research by Adam & Eve also shows that cheating can lead to much more serious repercussions than just breaking someone’s heart (as if that wasn’t bad enough). Not only do you run the risk of STDs, but 3 percent of children are conceived during an affair. Even scarier, men are shown to be more likely to suffer a heart attack while having an affair, and most men who died having sex were cheating.

We can’t tell you how to live your life and this is a no judgment zone. However, be smart and keep yourself informed of the facts, because no matter what goes down there’s no turning back once you have a kid—or something else you can’t get rid of.

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