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Have The Hottest Sex Tonight!

Have The Hottest Sex Tonight!

That hot couple next door is having a mind blowing sex session. You know it because you can hear them.

Your roomie is also having a mind blowing sex session. You know it because you have to turn on the music and put on the head phone.

Are you jealous? Maybe, a tad bit.

If you are sneering listening (reading) about these mind-blowing, risqué, un-bloody-forgettable tales of sex, because yours is plain Vanilla; it is time to turn things a notch (or maybe 20) up and use these bold, daring moves. Even if yours is not plain Vanilla – because it swings between ‘sweet’ and ‘sweaty’; you would mind using a few tricks here now, would you?

Whether you fancy the idea of an encounter on the lawn or you’d be pleased with a bit of kink here and a bit of BDSM there, here’s how you can have sex tonight that your partner is gonna label ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’!!!

Sit Up And Do
You love being on top because in that case, you are in control. Of speed, motion, action and angle. He loves you on top for the view he gets. What you don’t know is that sitting up can enhance the pleasure manifold. Imagine- both of you having your hands and arms free…warm, sweaty torsos pressed together, while the act is pretty much on!

Ride It Rough
Nipping your partner’s shoulder, earlobe or neck in the midst of sex can bring you both back in the moment. And that moment can heat up the passion. Take it up from there. Be careful of where you nip, though.

Guess What
When you have been having sex with the same partner, you pretty know all their moves. A little unpredictability during sex can make the experience severely intense. While in, what we call the missionary position, call him to tease you by mixing up his movements. Tease him to get teased. You slip a little; go halfway and then just out of the blue, thrust deep. Watch out for what he does to you!

Show It Off
Oh, not really! We know you’d have your reservations. But for once, when you are sure, you can try this secret exhibitionism with closed windows or a terrace really high up.

Blow Hot Air
Women, we know, you love this! Okay, so you are already in the foreplay…you are feeling that stretchy throbbing pleasure down there. And just then you feel like you are going to explode into ripples of orgasm because your partner is exhaling hot air on your shoulders, neck or nipples. This experience can tingle your partner head to toe!

Different Strokes
When it comes to male anatomy, women go ga-ga over the lead actor…forgetting the supporting cast. You get our drift? Yes, what pleasures you is the penis but you can heighten this sexual experience for both of you by simply stroking the testicles. This increase blood flow down there and intensifies the arousal.

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Get Down On Your Knees..Err…Not Knees, Feet!
Woman-on-top gets interesting. You’ve been straddling him all this while. It is time to squat, yes, you heard it right, squat over him. Your feet are not just supporting your movements but also allowing you to bounce higher, which means, he can go deeper.

Find New Angle
If you want her to have an orgasm from oral sex, you go slow using consistent moves. You go up and down. What you don’t know, is that, your woman is more likely to orgasm if you go across. So use a T angle – perpendicular to her. Pleasure her best!
Did you know Pubococcygeus muscles can help you have an explosive orgasm for women? What are those muscles!!?? The same that stop and start the flow when you are peeing. So, as he enters you, squeeze yourself a bit and let him enter more…then squeeze again. The squeeze-stop-squeeze is actually massaging his length while creating pleasurable tension for you in your G-spot and clitoris which makes an easy orgasm for you!

A few more tips:
– Tickle him while giving an oral. Slip your finger inside your mouth!
– Kiss his neck. And his neck. Most sensitive spot. Err..maybe, not most!
– Make him your prisoner. Actually. Pin him down while you are up.
– Use Ice to please, entice and make her go crazy.
– Revv up your engine…Do it in car!
– Women, use those new bedsheets you have saved for someday special.
– Do it in the bath tub.

Ahem, what are you gonna try tonight?

– Words: Mariam Steel

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