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Are You A Sex-Addict?

Are You A Sex-Addict?

Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Eric Benet, David Duchovney, Steve Phillips and Duncan Roy!

You must be thinking, why are we updating you with a long list of the known faces of Hollywood and sports industry? Well, if your first guess was that it is for a ranking-poll, in accordance to their wealth and looks, then sorry to say we will have to blow your bubbles right here!

For all the interesting roles and characters these guys have played on the big screen to woo you and for all the expertise that they have shown when it comes to giving operational output, by their own admission, all these known faces either are or have been sex-addicts in the past.

While they were courageous enough to step-up and admit the fact, there remain a lot many men who would never dare to do so, primarily because they themselves don’t know if they are!

And in this article we will tell you exactly how you can identify – if you are a sex-addict…

When you lead a double life

So you have a steady girlfriend, about to get married, or have been happily married for donkey years now, but that is just not enough for you.

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When you look around for an extra girlfriend or mistress, or a chance to cheat on your partner, that is the first step to realize that sex is an addiction for you. It is true that many people (and no we are not discriminating between men and women here) cheat on their partners, but a compulsion to do so is abnormal. Keeping your sex life a secret may also point to a problem. The urge of not wanting to reveal your activities even to your bestest friend, when you know that what you are doing is wrong, but you can’t stop yourself – then my dear friend, you do have a problem!

Always on a look out for sexual material
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One common thing that you would find in almost all the newspapers, websites, magazines, music and movies is; sex. And sex addicts usually seek out sexual content wherever they can. No, we are not saying that watching porn or reading sex articles make you a sex-addict, but if you are always looking out for the sources that can help you get indulged in some sexual pleasure while you are alone, then that says it all!

Another sign is, when you pick up a woman’s magazine only to read through articles on sex, or find that you are more excited when intimate or sexually explicit scenes appear in movies or music videos. If you can sit through a love making scene without getting aroused or you don’t find the need to seek out material that is sexual in nature, then you are doing fine. Else – you know our answer!

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You seek out explicit sexual adventures

If you can’t get excitement out of sex with the same person, you might desire or attempt to seek out more exciting encounters. This could lead you down a dangerous trail of constantly needing different stimuli to gain satisfaction and relief. If you’re never satisfied with a standard lovemaking session with your partner every now and again, your sexuality is suffering. Frequently seeking out sexual variety is often indicative of an out-of-control sexual problem.

Fantasy sex
While we know fantasy is a tool for many people’s arousal and can be healthy, we also know that when fantasy takes over there is a problem. The fantasies are often so intense they become a major obsession for the individual involved. When fantasy takes over your life, responsibilities and commitment often go out the window, which could leave you in trouble. But above all the troubles it spells one thing aloud and that is – sex-addict.

Intrusive sex

Most people have sex with people they find interesting and attractive and who return the same feelings. Intrusive sex is being sexual i.e. touching to actual coercive intercourse with someone who is an unwilling participant. Intrusive sex may involve the abuse of a position of authority, such as a teacher, priest or police officer, to sexually exploit another person.

Loving sex is not a problem, but being addicted to it and resorting to unnatural means to satisfy the urge surely is a problem. And now that you know few fine points that can prove you to be a sex-addict, we are sure you are going to take some counter-measures to make sure that you live well!

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