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Fashion Trends Only Kids From The 90s Will Remember-Trendsetters!

Fashion Trends Only Kids From The 90s Will Remember-Trendsetters!

2016-17 has been the year of beard(s), camouflage, floral prints and chooka boots (well, at least for me). An eventful year that saw, men taking one more step forward, when it comes to experimenting with their wardrobe and personal grooming.

But that is not what I am here to talk about today. I am here re-visit the past- the 1990s to be precise!

The glorious decade of the 1990s might seem a far off thing on the timeline, but trust me; it did have its own interesting moments of fashion trends.  Some of which we can identify today too, but it’s only the kids from 90s who would actually recognize them!

Let’s have a look at a few of them, shall we?

Leather Jackets

Skinny tight leather pants, body-hugging leather jackets, coats – they were all in vogue in the 90s. Well, at least the leather jackets are visible, aren’t they? Leather primarily suited men who were towards the rough side of personality and it brought out the best of the macho character in them.

To say that the army jacket, bomber jackets, biker jackets and black leather jackets were a rage would be an understatement.

Even their counterparts loved this look and yeah- they did dig it! They still do!

Getting bright ideas here now are we?

Grungy Flannelled Shirts

Say a big thank you to grungy punk rock music of the 90s that brought about the existence of flannel shirts. Equally liked by men and women, these plaid flannel shirts were mostly loved for the warmth of the thick fabric against one’s skin.

On the other hand, the bright colored checks in this fabric took within themselves the life of the 70s and 80s. Call it cow-boy-ish but these, when paired with classic blue denim and boots – made men look what they were and are supposed to – Macho!

Mid-Hair Partition

Girls had bangs, so the boys got their curtains down!

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For quite a long period in the 90s era, this fringe-with-a-peephole was a rage. And no it had nothing to do with one being blonde- pun intended!

James Van Der Beek, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio and many alike- they all followed suit. Invariably, at least one kid in every class of every school who thought of himself to be the heartthrob made sure that he had his curtains down.

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Paisley And More

Casual and approachable- that’s what these shirts meant for men! Delicate yes, but not feminine, and of course a hit thing in the 1990s

Want to call it retro if paired with a formal trouser or jeans? Well, wouldn’t argue with that- after all, it was one of the hottest trends in the 1990s.

Baggy Jeans

Well, I am one of those who wore it then, so yeah; don’t even think of criticizing them! With the advent of hip-hop music in the United States, the influence of baggy jeans was just a thing that had to cross the oceans.

Identified primarily because of that genre of music, loose fitting jeans, trousers, and pants known as baggy jeans or baggy pants were among the styles that made people crazy in the 90s. And gentlemen, we are talking about colors like gray, blue and black in all their shades, and lose enough to show your boxer shorts.

Graphical Tees

Say it! Say it! I know you want to say it- so just do it already! Yes, they are famous today, but they were famous then too! A perfect casual street style look, people fell in love with them from day 1.

Not known to be an era of fads, the 90s was a period of emerging fashions, and this one has stayed with us till date! Easy to say- the roots go way back and yeah- a part of history!

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