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5 Stars Who Are Ageing Gracefully

5 Stars Who Are Ageing Gracefully

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It’s true that aging is a natural process, but that doesn’t mean it should bar you from looking every bit the dapper person you are. Of course, you won’t be able to sport the same clothes and will be propelled to look at more age-appropriate clothing. But fret not! Take a cue from these celebrities who seem to only get more fabulous as the years go by.

George Clooney
A name synonymous with dapper looks chiselled around an acute sense of style. While many style conscious people are apprehensive of grey hair, George Clooney made it a statement — one that women found irresistible. He may not have the stereotypical six-eight packs; neither does have perfectly shaped muscles. But, he has is a gray mane crowning drool-worthy features and perfect character lines. With maturity on his face and that rugged stubble to go by, we think he’s just about the best sight for sore eyes!


Hugh Jackman
To many, he’s defined as the man with everything — a triple threat: singer, dancer and actor. A time travelling duke that romances Meg Ryan, this Aussie at 46, continues to woo pretty women globally. One of the reasons can be attributed to his disciplined lifestyle that includes yoga, dance and sports.

Pierce Brosnan

Even at 63, this former 007, comes across an actor who could still play the role of the world’s most celebrated espionage. Recently, Brosnan attributed his youthful looks to his Irish genes. According to this former MI6, growing old isn’t for sissies. Known for his sharp dressing sense, we think that’s another aspect that factors in to his dapper persona.

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Brad Pitt
Little did people know that when played the character of Benjamin Button, the theory would hold true in real life as well. Having spent more than 25 years in Hollywood, this 51-year old actor has managed to age gracefully. From being a heartthrob in the nineties to one half of Brangelina, Brad has enjoyed the best of all decades and we think the best is yet to come.

Daniel Craig
Daniel’s road to fame is nothing less than any blockbuster movie. His journey from a British-Indie actor to the most stylish actor on the silver screen is something dreams are made of. This blue-eyed 007 has kept redefining himself with age. His ripped physique, sharp dressing sense and killer good looks are a formula for danger. Many compare him with wine, which gets better and better with age.

So, whose road to graceful aging would you like to follow? Do share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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