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Zorana Karatovic

Zorana Karatovic

She is tall, she is sultry and she is as seductive as they come! Zorana AKA Zora is one of the hottest and at the same time sweetest model till date that we have had a chat with. In India via Satin Models India, Zora is on a nonstop spree of doing quality work with all the leading names of Indian fashion industry.

Here’s a bit more on this gorgeous!

Name: Zorana Karatovic
Birthplace: Belgrade, Serbia
Current Location: New Delhi India
Measurements: 85-65-95
‘Men’ say best physical feature is: I guess it’s always about body. I don’t know!
Sexiest woman ever, and why: Every woman is sexy and beautiful in her own way
My best trait is: Definitely persistence! When I decide I want something, there is no stopping me.


My worst habit is: I’m an impulsive person and if I don’t understand what people exactly want from me to do, I’ll get nervous.
The key to my heart is: Is hiding deep in the ocean.
Compliment me on: My beautiful soul!
Designers or brands I have worked with: I can’t remember all of them.
My big decision was: When I decided not to go to university this year and dedicate my time to modeling.
Memories from my first shoot/show: That they cut my long hair :-P.
Fashion for me is: Expressing yourself…trying to be unique, classy, elegant in your own way. You don’t need high fashion brands to have a good style. That is something you are born with.
Beach or hills, why: Both…but If I really have to choose, I would say beach, cause swimming is my favorite sport.

The sexiest outfit I will ever wear in public: The belly dance costume.
Pet name for my boobs (if I would name them): Katti Batti (Just in case you want to know even more, Katti is the left one, Batti the right ).
What I love about my looks: ) I love my hair.
When it comes to my body, please do not: Measure my hips, lol
A man will impress me, if: If he is intelligent and funny.
He will disappoint me, if: He doesn’t respect women.
I best date I have ever had was: That is a private thing 😉
I am not an ideal woman because: Nobody is perfect.
I am the best in the world at: Helping others. That’s why I wanted to study psychology.
I need a man who will:Take my hand and dance with me in the middle of the street at
Last movie that made me laugh: “Some like it hot”
My philosophy of life: Just believe in yourself, be positive and everything will be good.
I think is: Awesome !!

– SV

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