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Sara Khan

About the show — In a land steeped in mysticism, spirituality, and religion, the imagination of the followers has much room to flourish. Stories abound – some based on truth and some only on fractions of the truth. Nevertheless, these stories have enchanted their listeners for eons. ‘Kahi Suni’ packs away our skepticism and takes us on a ride through the legendary tales of India. Each city covered in the episodes has been the birthplace of a legend and each legend has given rise to the recognition of that city. Following our host from north to south and east to west, we journey through the land of myths of legends uncovering the origins of every story.

Q. What inspired you to be an actor?
A. I do not really know how I got into acting. I am a psychologist and have worked with the WHO. So one day I was working on my book at a café, when I got approached for a role which needed an accent. But I had decided that I didn’t want to do TV and acting.

After a week they again followed up with me and I kept neglecting. Then I got a call from Sanjay who is Marathi film maker. So I respected his call and I went ahead to meet them the next day. They narrated me the story of my debut show called ‘Dhund legi manzil tujhe’ which appeared very inspiring. I found it very different from the usual saas bahu serial so that’s when I decided to take it up and took a chance. So since then, I’ve been hooked on to acting.

Q. How was your experience different from your previous TV shows & Kahi Suni on The EPIC Channel?
For me Kahi Suni is one of the most challenging and different experience I’ve had in life. It is a very experiential and educational show and it gave me more motivation to learn about my own country. I was not one of those who would just read the script and go ahead with the shot. I actually researched on every subject and every city that I was going to. I had to be confident in front of the camera and also confident enough to take the interviews. I wanted to ask questions from the answers that the people gave me. So I had to be as well versed as the person I was interviewing. I was very successful in it, I loved it. Few days back I had told my family that I want to explore India, and luckily I got this project. It was also more challenging as this had anchoring which is quite different from just acting. Every emotion is caught on the camera, be it nervousness, forgetfulness; so you have to be well prepared.

Q. What kind of preparations you had to do?
The first schedule had 8 episodes. So I took the topic of every city that we were working on and before I went to that city I did a lot of research. I checked on the internet and read a lot of books based on that particular subject. For instance, when I had to go to Nashik for my first episode and we were doing the Ramayan story, I read the Valmiki and the Tulsidas Ramayan. There was a lot of study that was required. So it was interesting!

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Q. What other shows are you doing currently?
I am currently working on two other shows. One is Zindagi wins on Bindaas channel and the other one is Delhi Wali Thakur girls.

Q. Any plans to enter Bollywood?
Well, I did Total Siyaapa which was quite interesting. But now I would like to take something which interests me and not anything that comes across. So I will take it very slow as I want to enjoy what I do. So if I like the role I would take it up.

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