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Sanjay And Deepali Krishnan

Sanjay And Deepali Krishnan

One of the youngest but prominent faces of the advertising field, Sanjay and Deepali Krishnan run their own advertising firm – Think Inc Studio. Amid their initial professional fights, they soon realized that they actually were in love with each other.

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SR- Sanjay, tell us a bit about you and Deepali. Apparently you two did not get well initially as professionals, is that right?
SK- We met while working at JWT in 2004, where she was the Sr. Art Director on some of the brands I was handling. We had quite the typical creative Vs servicing relationship at work, but somewhere along the line in between all the fights, we realized we really liked each other. Soon we got our parents to meet a year later and in November 2006 we were married.

SR- How is he as a working partner? Better husband or a better professional person?
DK- I’ve always told Sanjay that he shows more patience and restraint with our clients than he does with me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great husband but he really goes out of his way for all the clients who put their faith and trust in us. So in a nutshell, I would say- a great husband, but a better professional.

SR- The idea of starting Think Inc Studio came after marriage or it was already in pipeline?
SK- We toyed with the idea of starting something of our own a year into our marriage. Managing quality time together was becoming a challenge, especially as Deepali had changed her job and we worked for different agencies.

We finally mustered up the courage to quit our regular jobs and start working on our own in mid 2008. I quit my job in early 2008 to start a Wildlife firm, Deepali quit later in the year and we started working from home. It was freelance to start with but slowly we built a loyal list of clients. We worked out of our home for a year but in early 2010 we finally realized that we needed a formal office. After a lot of scouting, we Zero’d in on Hauz Khas village as it had the right ambience and is really a lively place.

SR- Within two years of inception Think Inc has come a long way! What has been your mantra to success?
DK- I believe Think Inc has found a niche where it’s nestled comfortably in the space between the Medium to large agencies and the many small design firms. We offer the quality of work that a medium to large agency will give you, but at lower costs. What really works for us is our level of commitment to the client and the service we deliver.
Our clients know that once they have given us a job, they can stop worrying irrespective of how much work there is or how less time we have for it. If we take it up, we make sure we deliver.

SR- At Think Inc Studio, you also look at the production part for the clients. Does it eases the work process or adds on to the responsibilities?
SK- See, we take on the production work for the client so that they have the pressure off their shoulders. It means extra work and pressure on us personally, but that’s precisely why our clients trust us. We get the job done end to end, with minimum involvement or headache for the client.

SR – Ok, here is a tough one for both of you. Who holds the romance part going in your relationship?
DK- Definitely me (laughs). Although he is sweet, thoughtful and brings me flowers once in a while, I don’t think he has one romantic bone in his body.

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