StyleRug in a candid chat with Sahil, Aamir & Shazmeen from Mint Blush!

SAV: Sahil, first of all let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your fast growing brand Mint Blush!
Thank you so much!

SAV: Could you please introduce the Mint Blush team to our readers?
In our small mint blush family we are 3 partners Aamir, Sahil and Shazmeen. Aamir Rajput comes from a family who are into fashion business, Sahil Gulati (that’s me) is working as a freelance Fashion stylist and Shazmeen Khan was doing freelance designing for personal clients and finally we three decided to seize the market space where there was something missing.


SAV: Now for all we know about it, could you please talk our readers through about the origin and success path of Mint Blush so far?
We have been able to built our niche audience and stand out in crowd in such less time because according to us we have created what we believe in and not what we see around and get influenced by it. This we are sure has been a quick success path so far.

SAV: What were the obstacles and the challenges you had to face to get your brand reckoning in the market?
Every business come with lots of challenges and specially when you are new to it , but few which we think cannot be given a miss are to come up with something which is more unique and fresh as we already have hell lot of competitions around. After all that is done next major obstacle which comes is to make people believe in the kind of work we do which we believe have managed to do so far.

SAV: Though it is a unisex brand, our interest (for obvious reasons) lies in the men’s wear line that you create. Take us through your latest collection for men’s wear!
Our next men’s collection is inspired from 3 must have.qualities one must have in today’s period of time i.e ‘Bold’, ‘ Confident’ & ‘Impactful’ which involves strong silhouettes, Loud prints , tie n dye effects, contemporary embroideries , blast of colors, etc.

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SAV: Considering men’s fashion is still a growing domain in India, what kind of research is undertaken by Mint Blush to make sure that you meet the needs of the market?
These days men have started experimenting with their looks they are no more interested in wearing same old classic attire so, according to our research and observation we decided to experiment and take different route, rather being classic we opted for not so safer options like- interesting colors , loud prints and unique silhouettes which helps in keeping them more fashion forward and stylish.

SAV: What are the styles, patterns and colors that have been working for you so far? And what do you think (are) the reasons for the same?
One of must haves in our wardrobe is casual jackets that are apt for all kinds of occasions…so we decided to pick that option and add lot of contemporary elements to it which thankfully became our most appreciated and celebrated designs especially amongst today’s fashion conscious men.

SAV: Indian men are known to prefer fabric over style, what kind of fabrics do you use at Mint Blush for men?
These days’ men have become quite flexible and interesting especially with their apparel choices so with them fabric selection is no more a boundation. We select fabrics according to designs and which are for sure season appropriate so cannot name any one we play with all possibly available.

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SAV: What according to you sets apart a fashionable and a stylish man?
Everyone has become fashion conscious or fashionable these days so
if that is styled perfectly or with good aesthetic sense it surely becomes icing on the cake.

SAV: If you had to call yourself one, what would it be? Stylish or fashionable? And why?
Though both are important but everybody cannot be fashion updated due to their field or industry so being stylish always helps. We surely would call our self more stylish than fashionable.

SAV: Coming back to Mint Blush, what do you think has been the core reason for its success so far. I do know that growth is a never ending process. but am sure you must be happy that people are giving you a lot of appreciation.
Rather than following classic fashion forecast circulated all over
the world we decided to make what we truly believe in without any
influence which we think has been our key to success till now

SAV: What age group do you target to retain as your long lasting consumers?
As we are more into fresh, quirky and vintage designing we don’t bound any age group we think who so ever believes in wearing something different yet stylish will surely be part of growing mint blush family.

SAV: Who according to you are the three most stylish men of India?
According to us 3 most stylish men’s of India are Rahul Khanna
(actor), Ranveer Singh (actor), Shahid Kapoor (actor).

SAV: Last but not the least- we would love to get a couple of lines from you on what you think of StyleRug as a men’s fashion portal!
StyleRug is a great initiative for still growing men’s fashion world and by seeing its growing popularity too early there are no
doubts in believing that it’s a great idea put together. All the Best!

Words: Sandeep Verma

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