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Marc Robinson

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There are no second thoughts, that India as an industry has not seen a lot of super models. We can actually count the names on the finger tips. However, it would also be not wrong to say that the first generation of super models started with few names in which one name i.e. Marc Robinson tops the chart.

Super model of yester years, Marc is now valiantly involved in training the next generation of models who he is sure can be the leading names in the fashion industry few years down the line.

I recently caught up with the man himself at the finale of Max Fashion Icon 2015, held at Taj Vivanta, Gurgaon

In a brief conversation with him, what intrigued me most about Marc was the passion that he still retains for the industry and his willingness to give it back for everything it has given to him.

“I have worked in the industry for over 25 years. I have got love, fame, money and countless opportunities to work with some brilliant people across various domains. Hence, it is appropriate and fitting that I give back a little to the industry that has given me so much over the years. Max Fashion Icon gives me an opportunity to find out the new faces, which I think can be the next superstars of the Indian fashion industry; faces that I can be proud of.

On being asked how different this pageant is compared to the other similar platforms, Marc said “At Max Fashion icon, the focus is on fashion yes, but we also encourage these young guns to give priority to their education and not to compromise on it. Most of them come from small towns or cities, hence, it is absolutely necessary to get the right set of knowledge that can only be acquired with good education. Modeling is a glamourous field, but not all get the success or fame that they aim for, therefore, it is imperative to have the options open and ready in life if there is ever a need.”

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He further added “the criteria of getting selected in Max Fashion icon are very strict, which allows us to find the right people who can be good professionals once they reach out to the industry. The idea is not to find the most glamorous people, but people with good combination if good looks and intellect, which the fashion world is in dire need of. We went all across India and used social media to the maximum to find out guys and girls who are raw and have got the passion in them to succeed at the higher level. No pageant gives a cash prize of INR 2.5 lac and an opportunity to work with a magazine like Cosmopolitan, but at Max Fashion icon, we believe in creating an atmosphere and a platform for people we think deserve it.”

He also told me that he was off to Paris later this month due to some further engagements, which obviously left me with a feeling of being envious! Nevertheless, it actually was very pleasing to communicate with this handsome, yet, down to the earth personality. Someone, from whom maybe most of the other renowned faces should learn the humility from!

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