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Isha Goraksha

Isha Goraksha

After the great response which we received with our initial #PROMOTRAFRIENDINITIATIVE that was restricted to only pictorial promotion of our stylish readers on StyleRug, we finally thought of taking it a notch further.

In our endeavor to bring in more of fashionistas right at the center of the spotlight, we decided to do regular features on select ones who have got a sense of fashion to them, urge to dress well and above all- the confidence to carry it all.

The first in this new series is our vivid reader Isha Goraksha, who is also a celebrity manager in Mumbai, who we got in touch via Social Media Platforms. Here’s a bit more about this gorgeous girl!

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SV: Tell us a bit about yourself to our readers!
IG: I am very simple girl with simple thinking and simple living. After graduation I joined Nadiadwala Productions. I always wanted to do something in the creative field, so I got into Bollywood! Right now I am working as a celebrity manager.

SV:  Did you always wanted to be in the show-biz?
IG: Yes! I did my studies in Mass Media and I always wanted to enter the show biz. I love being filmy!

SV: What got you into celebrity management?
IG: I love the idea of managing a celebrity! After my first movie as an Asst. Director, I realized I wanted to something different than this and celebrity management somewhere attracted me.

Isha Gorakhsa, Promoteafriendinitiative. StyleRug, Top Fashion Blogs, EyeCandy, Models, Celebrity Managers India, Bollywood

SV: How is the experience working For Tiger Shroff shaping up?
IG: I have just started working. He is an awesome human being and I am really excited to be associated with him.

SV:  How would you describe your personal style and its influences?
IG: I am not a very stylish person. But I love looking presentable. For me right size clothes that suit me is the best fashion. I don’t want to try a look from the magazine just because it’s in trend and doesn’t even suit me.

SV: What current fashion trends do you like the most at the moment?
IG: I love wearing long dresses! And it really helps me keep cool in this Mumbai heat. For me it’s the best current fashion trend- at least for me!

SV: If money was no object, what would you go out and buy right now?
IG: Boots!!!! I really want a sexy pair of boots right now. The ones I like are always out of my budget.

SV: What would you say is your trade mark style sense for daily life?
IG: I love wearing caps. I think it looks too cool and suits everyone. You will see me wearing a cap most of the times. And being from the film industry you have to travel a lot so a cap helps you a lot.

Isha Gorakhsa, Promoteafriendinitiative. StyleRug, Top Fashion Blogs, EyeCandy, Models, Celebrity Managers India, Bollywood

SV: Where do you generally shop from?
IG: I m a street shopper! For me Bandra…Colaba…are my favorite shopping places. But recently after Forever21 has opened in Mumbai…it has become my second best place for shopping.

SV: Have you ever tried your hands on acting/modeling? Do you intend to?
IG: Everyone loves to be famous! I have never tried but I don’t mind doing something in acting or modelling someday.

SV: Do you workout a lot to maintain your curves?
IG: Everyday! I am addicted to it actually. But I can never control my diet! So that’s the reason I’m little overweight 😉

SV: What is your weak spot when it comes to food?
IG: Oh I love sweets!!!! Ice-cream is my weakness!!! I am ready to eat ice-cream wherever and whenever!

SV: if you could do a Job exchange (a bit like a home exchange!) for a week with anyone in the industry, who would it be and why?
IG: i want to be Kareena Kapoor! For me she is just perfect when it comes to looks and personality! Please…is that possible?????

SV: Last, but not the least what’s your take on Stylerug as a fashion portal?
IG: Oh ! i love it! i recently came across Stylerug and I’ve been checking this blog like at least twice in a week t!!!It’s too informative…promotes new people…gives an update on the latest style trend and the latest fashion events! I think it’s just perfect.

Words: Sandeep Verma

PS: If you think you are fashionable and have got what it takes to be featured here, then send us a brief info about you with couple of images on telling us why you should be featured here and we shall do the rest.


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