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India’s Super Model – Bhumika Arora

India’s Super Model – Bhumika Arora

If in the last 5 years, there is one model from India that has truly touched sky high success, it has to be – Bhumika Arora. A girl from a small village of Haryana, today Bhumika Arora, is a prominent face at the global fashion scenes. Such has been her growth in the last five years that she is often referred as  – India’s best ever super model.

Stylerug interviewed in during her initial days and we just thought our readers might like to know her story- from the beginning. Hence, revisiting this interview for you mad hats!

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Her first kick-off with modeling was an accident but now it has become her passion. She stands at 5’11, has an alluring pout and is dedicated to be a super model; Bhumika Arora, is fast catching up the eyes of the ones who matter.

We caught up with the Girl from Haryana and took some layers-off to know her better…

SR- Talk us through your background in brief.
BA- I hail from Haryana and am a BBA graduate. Coming from a small village I have had my share of difficulties combating with the metro cities life. When I was doing my BBA in Chandigarh, that’s where I learnt how to make yourself visible in public, and whatever little was lacking I always took it as a challenge to improve and march ahead.

SR- Becoming a model was a planned move?
BA- I don’t know! I mean, there was definitely a liking towards it, or you could say a dream but this was never the aim. There were enough of people who used to put in the picture that I look like a model but I never really tried for it and after BBA I enrolled for MBA. However, once I was looking for a friend on Facebook and by mistake met a photographer who literally pushed to me to come to Delhi for a test shoot, and that is how I begun my modeling career. I guess we all end up being where we are destined to be, isn’t it?

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SR- What was your first assignment and how was the experience?
BA- Don’t even ask! I worked with Audi for seven days, which was physically a very daunting task. I hardly knew anyone and felt so out of place. But, after couple of days I started talking to few co-models and ended up being cool friends with few of them. But, then work wise not something I would cherish.

SR- There are not many models in India, who are as tall as you. Does it give you any distinct advantage?
BA- Umm you can say that. I do believe that height is my biggest asset and it surely contributes in the fashion industry.

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SR- Indian audiences normally like the models that has peeping curves. Does you lean look play spoilsport in fetching work?
BA- At times yes, but then that was primarily the scene in late 90’s and may be early 2000. Indian fashion industry has fast evolved and lean looks, which is the trade mark of global fashion is is being sought after now.

SR- Who are the designers you have worked so far with?
BA- Well, luckily in the short span of time the list has been good and I hope it increases further with the same speed. Varun Sardana, Charu Parashar, Abdul Haldar, Pratima Pandey, Pankaj Arora, Aslam Khan and Nitya Bajaj are few of the names I have worked with.

SR- Who are the designers you admire the most?
BA- Aah that’s a difficult one! But if I have to take one name then I would say Rohit Bal for sure, he is like a living legend in Indian Fashion Industry and have made us all proud at the International forum too.

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SR- Do you think that it’s easy for girls to make their mark in this field, compared to guys?
BA- I don’t think so. If you have the talent and the ability then there is nothing, which can hold you back. There is equal opportunity for male and female models both, and ultimately it’s on you how you grab your chances.

SR- How do you react when guys chase you?
BA- I don’t like any one running after me. I like my own space and appreciate if people leave me within my territory and don’t act intriguing. But, if someone tries to poke me, then I make sure that I give it back with interest.

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SK- What kind of men does Bhumika like?
BA- Decent! I like men who are tall, strong and have good personality. The guy surely has to have good sense of humour and rest all depends on how things click with the person.

SR- And what are your future plans?
BA- Unlike other fashion models I don’t aspire to get into acting. I am here to be a super model and that’s the only thing I see happening to me in the future.

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