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Van Heusen Most Fashionable Professional Kicks Off!

Van Heusen Most Fashionable Professional Kicks Off!

Van Heusen the iconic Fashion brand is back with its glam-full property Most Fashionable Professional that kickstarts tomorrow. If you remember, Van Heusen LinkedIn’s Most Fashionable Professional saw the nomination charts reaching gigantic figure of 60,000, and this year the company aims to double the numbers, which by all means looks like a possibility considering the outrageous success it tasted last year.

VH MFP Teaser Creative

So, here is your chance to use your social media presence, especially Linkedin and make sure that the corporate world and the glamour world takes note of your style statements and of course feels jealous about it.
For information on how to participate or how to nominate people, please visit :

We will be bringing more on this activity regularly through our Facebook and twitter accounts and of course a mega post, wherein, we might just feature your image(s) too as a fashionista to look out for in the professional world 😉

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Stay tuned, we have just started!

– Sandeep Verma

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