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The Fan Anthem, That Fails To Impress!

The Fan Anthem, That Fails To Impress!

ShahRukh Khan’s much awaited flick Fan is creating buzz in the market alright. However, his new song ‘Jabra Fan’ has failed to ignite any sort feet thumping feeling in us. As much as I personally like ShahRukha Khan (PS: For his chivalrous and witty attitude, but not acting skills), the ‘Fan Anthem’ as they are calling it…. Sounds like a mix of lyrics that hardly has any meaning to it.

The King was in Hansraj College earlier today to launch the song… and one wonders whether it would prove to be a track that would turn out to be a party igniter!

Do let us know what do you think about this song!

PS: Why does a fan who is an average guy from a regular life, has to look like and dance like a retard? Well, so be it!

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