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CouponRani- Website Review

CouponRani- Website Review

One ‘change’ that has revolutionised the way Indian consumers shop is that there is literally no need to step out of your drawing rooms and blast your skin-off in this scorching heat to get what you need. Yes- the term is : Online Shopping!

If you go to google and search for the best online shopping portals, there would be, without a doubt, at least a zillions of them; claiming to be the best and offering you the best deal. But, what exactly defines the word- BEST?

Well, for me it’s easy! BEST online shopping portal for me is the one that offers everything under one hood and relieves me from the pain of going through the whole process of shopping on different websites, if I needed anything from a domain that it failed to cater me with. And in one of those quests for finding a portal that could offer me everything under one page I came across

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Who are they?

The team of Couponrani consists of a group of technologists and digital marketers, who love deal hunting and find best deals with or without coupons. Their mantra is visible to even the most novice users of this web world and is simple to understand- best deals and best offers, teamed with unmatched services and help through live chat and twitter interaction facility at your disposal all the time!

Design and navigation
I have to say this; personally, I find most of the shopping portals striving hard to make their appearance jazzy way too often and cluster anything and everything together, which can easily confuse the consumer. Gladly, that is not the case with CouponRani. I like the easy splashing of deals (via images and texts) and the cleanliness that this website has optedf for while designing their portal. Adding products to your cart is easy and processing is way faster than most of the other portals that you might come across in one of those experiences.

I will be honest with you, I did feel like shopping very minute while writing this post and you have no idea how I curbed my craving and finally jotted this whole piece together. Having said that, here is my pick for the top three brands that you must opt for once you go online to Couponrani.

Fabfurnish Coupons

Fabfurnish is one of the fastest growing e-commerce portals that cn help you add swank to your home and offices with utmost ease. Now d o we really need to tell you that getting the best deals for the products it offers is only possible on Coupon Rani? Didn’t think so!


If you are a sports enthusiast and are looking to buy your gear and other sports related products, this is where you need to be.You will get amazing discounts here even for brands like Puma and Nike, and if you like reading or playing games, well, then you are in for a treat of a lifetime.

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Being a person who likes traveling a lot, this is my personal favourite! You can get as much as 25-40% discount on hotel deals, which I am sure no other portal offers. Again, all the deals are self-tested by CouponRani’s inhouse team and if matched to offer utmost quality experience before and after sell, something that most of the websites lack- no matter how big or small they are.

While I can keep going on and on about CouponRani, but there is only way you can find out what really is best for you and that is- by visiting!

Happy shopping!

-Sandeep Verma 

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