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Amazon VS Wills … What does future hold?

Amazon VS Wills … What does future hold?

For the last … well… I don’t know how many years….err… since 2006, Wills Lifestyle was the title sponsor of India Fashion Week. A brand synonym to fashion that was easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Over the years it formed a strong partnership with FDCI and made India Fashion Week a property that could compete with the big boys in the International market.

But this season… for the reasons best known to FDCI and Wills Lifestyle… the partnership came to an end and that brought about a hunt for the new title sponsor, which came to the ‘mission accomplished’ stage with Amazon coming onboard.

Amazon, the biggest e-commerce website has been on a roll ever since it hit the Indian market. And with this tie-up things look much brighter for years ahead.

We talked to few designers at the ongoing Amazon India Fashion Week… and took their view on what they thought could be the changes that might happen via to this tie-up.

Amit Aggarwal
Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal: I think it’s a great initiative. They are developing players and they will probably push what Indian designers do. I was pretty happy with the collaboration. It will definitely give a broader perspective to what Indian Fashion is all about.


Rehane : I haven’t got a show this season. So that’s my review! Amazon isn’t better or worse, as long as there is someone who is coming forward to do this, and there is money coming into this field. The fact is that there is a fashion week, and that’s what matters.

Ankita Chaudhry
Ankita Chaudhry: Well, we as designers have had a very fruitful meetings with the Amazon team and it would be wise to say that things are to go bigger and better with this collaboration. I’m keen to see how we can capitalize on this opportunity about an online portal like amazon sponsoring us, so let’s see how this goes. I’m looking forward to it.

Samant Chauhan
Samant Chauhan: It is very amazing. The whole world is going towards online shopping and this is the right time for us to get involved and explore this domain of work. This association will definitely help all designers to reach to the masses. Amazon has already proved itself in 34 countries and I’m just hoping it’s good for us as well. I am looking forward to it and this is going to take our brand to the next level.

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Sahil Kochhar
Sahil Kochhar: Well, Amazon being the new title sponsor means a lot of business opportunities for all of us and obviously the scale that we are talking about is huge now in terms of e-reaching. It’s opening a lot of scope for all of us. It’s a big change and the collaboration between FDCI and Amazon is definitely going to be very fruitful.

Zubair Kirmani
Zubair Kirmani: I think it’s always good to bring about a change to break the monotony in your business module. Amazon because of its history, the market reach and the marketing strategy that it has will prove out to be a very good exposure for designers to reach to the masses, and that’s the future.

Words Divya Kalra

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