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Alia Bhat Replies To Neetu Chandra On Her Udta Punjab Character

Alia Bhat Replies To Neetu Chandra On Her Udta Punjab Character

Neetu Chandra, the sultry actress, has been very critical of Alia Bhat and the way her character of a Bihari has been portrayed in the movie Udta Punjab. Torn clothes, rugged skin and foul language…. Neetu says these kind of roles on screen, stereotypes Biharis.

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Well, may be it does, may be it doesn’t.

This is what Alia had to say about it!

I feel anybody makes assumptions based on what they see in the trailer. I think it is better for us to keep quiet than say anything because whatever people are assuming especially the person in question over here is doing so from the trailer and it could also possibly not be true. We always make assumptions before seeing the full film. Trailer is just a tease or hint. Film is the real content we are putting out there. So after seeing the film if people have the same thoughts then it is correct to justify but before that one should just wait.

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That’s Alia’s opnion, but what do you have to say about it? Share your views in the comment box below.

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