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Yoga Arm Balance

Yoga Arm Balance

If you are still boasting of your prowess with dumbbells, then we are sorry to say but you do seem like an old-age uncle to us, who is living on the glory days of yesteryears and its outdated fitness regime.

For, now there’s a more refined way to command cred: the yoga arm balance—more specifically, poses like crow, crane, firefly, lifted lotus, and eight-angle pose, as shown in the picture, which require equal parts strength and balance.

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How to…

Sit with legs in diamond shape in front of you, soles of feet together. Lift and cradle right calf in front of chest with both arms, elbows bent, palms facing body, foot flexed. Grab right heel with right hand, left hand under right calf, and lift and hook right leg over right shoulder. Place left palm on floor outside of left leg and press into floor to lift butt slightly, then place right palm on floor in front of you. Lift left leg and cross left ankle over right, feet flexed. Use abs to lift butt and torso slightly forward, straightening legs out to right side.

Three Moves That Will Make You Arm-Balance Ready

Single Knee Plank
Start in downward-facing dog, then lift right leg to ceiling (three-legged dog), keeping hips facing forward. Shift forward to plank pose, bringing right knee into chest, back slightly rounded, palms pressing body away from floor, abs engaged, toes pointed. Hold for 3 breaths, then press back into three-legged dog.

Repeat 5 times.

Start in downward-facing dog, then lower forearms to floor, elbows directly under shoulders, and walk feet in a few inches toward head, pressing heels toward floor. Hold for 3 breaths, then lower knees to floor to relax.

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Repeat 3 times.

Bicycle Crunch
Lie face-up, right leg extended about 3 inches off floor, left knee bent 90 degrees, hands behind head, right elbow touching left knee. Moving slowly and with control, switch sides, rotating torso to right, extending left leg out in front of you and bending right leg 90 degrees, touching left elbow to right knee for 1 rep. Do 10 reps slowly.

Repeat 3 times.

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