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World’s Second Most Expensive Suit


If you thought that shopping at luxury stores like Gucci, Prada, Givenchy and Versace was an expensive affair, think again!

And for the guys, who think they have deep pockets that has no end, one company in Hong Kong dares to challenge that. Arshad Mahmood and his team of tailors made what he claims could be one the world’s most expensive suits.


Priced at a cool million Hong Kong dollars (about US$129,000), the suit includes 22-carat gold stitching, a gold waistcoat and diamond encrusted gold buttons. Reportedly, the suit was sold to an anonymous buyer on May 29.

Mahmood is the director of Apsley Tailors — otherwise known locally as Punjab House in Hong Kong — a company known for their bespoke garments. The suit reportedly took Mahmood’s tailors about 200 hours to make, using the highest quality wool that had gold strands intertwined in the fabric.

However, it seems that the Apsley suit is in fact the world’s second-most expensive suit, beaten out by a suit made by Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewls of Manchester, England that has the finest blend of Cashmere, wool and silk. But, what sets this suit apart are the 480 diamonds that are strategically positioned around the suit. Each single cut gem is 0.5cts, colour G, VS2 quality, all of which total a massive 240cts. It took 600 man hours to make one piece and there are only three pieces that are ever being made.

How much did it cost? Well, a whopping USD9,00,000 approximately!

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World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle


Few people setting their sights on the modest looking motorcycle designed by Turkish bike enthusiast Tarhan Telli can have any idea about its true monetary worth. The motorcycle looks just like any other ordinary bike running on roads around the globe.

However, appearances can be massively deceptive and most people will be astonished to learn that it is considered to be the most expensive motorcycle in the world today.

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Telli unleashed the bike to the general public on the first week of June 2013. The motorcycle derives the bulk of its astronomical price tag from its resplendent gold framed body. Even though the precise price tag of the motorcycle has not yet been ascertained, experts reckon that it contains over $1 million worth of gold. Telli took over one year to build his dream ornamental motorcycle. The bike derives a peak rated power output of 125HP from its 1801 cc v-twin engine and makes use of a six speed transmission system. The bike weighs approximately 318 kg. It is estimated that most of the gross weight of the motorcycle is derived from its golden frame.
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The motorcycle’s external appearance has been designed in conformance with the Greek mythological theme of “Medusa”. The bike’s tank sports a large sculpted head of the mythical Greek monster Medusa, while snake designs adorn its rear fender and frame. Tarhan has managed to do complete justice to the complicated design theme and has managed to impart a serpentine look and feel to his dream machine.

The Turkish bike lover has also managed to incorporate a contrasting rugged look to the bike by shunning shimmering gold upholstery for its seat. Instead he opted for materials like fringe and stugs that provide a weather beaten appearance to the otherwise Riche Rich bike.

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Tarhan is putting in his best efforts to ensure that his work of art earns recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records. It is not yet clear whether the Ankara based designer intends to cash on the novelty factor of his dream machine in the future by selling it.


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Samsung Party Bloggers Meet


Ever heard the term ‘Crazy Ball Game’? Well, at the recent Samsung Party Bloggers Meet there might not have been any balls per se, but there was enough of crazy stuff to roll along with.

In a frenzied evening filled with excitement and fun, the bloggers from the city, including yours truly, stepped-up the steam in what truly was one of the best bloggers meet that I have been part of. The evening witnessed four bloggers walking away with a brand new Samsung Grand smartphone via different contests and sharing their areas of expertise with the fellow-bloggers.

Never out on style, I was impressed by most of the new gadgets that Samsung showcased at the meet (a lot of them are already heating up the market) and believe it or not, I am in absolute love with the new Samsung Galaxy camera that they have come up with. It’s essentially an Android smartphone that’s equipped with a substantial 21x zoom lens and a 16-megapixel 1/2.3in sensor. The quad-core 1.4GHz processor is fast and is well complemented with machos like 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS and It runs Android 4.1, with full access to the Google Play app store.

I must admit that I was a dedicated BlackBerry user, but after witnessing some of the mind-wobbling applications and the fun that you can have with the gen-next Samsung phones… I can all but admit that BlackBerry is just a lousy B***H now and I am no longer in love with it.

My evening came to an end with a disappointment though, as I lost couple of games of Pool to a friend who accompanied me to the event… but minus that… it indeed was a Party Bloggers Meet!

Take a look at the snapshots from the event, till we meet again!

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Sandeep Verma

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Diet Tattoos As Shown By Jean Paul Gaultier


Bottles (of all sorts) have often been compared to a woman’s body primarily of the curvaceous looks that they are inculcated with. And when Jean Paul Gaultier recently unveiled the third edition of his special bottles for Diet Coke – making them bottles look like they are wearing a corset made of tattoo, I just couldn’t help myself but saying – Vollah!

The two bottles are designed in the couturier’s signature blue-and-white Breton sailor stripes, corsets, and unique tattoos and are limited editions. The latest edition bares a strong resemblance to the night-inspired bottle, showcasing a cheeky and risque tattoo art in a corset shape that is being liked by one and all.

The new bottles are available in Europe starting this month with a campaign shot by Stephane Sednaoui.

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Adidas Original – The Olympic Collection


Blame it to my ignorance or just one more diluted mind in this population of over 100 crores in India, but I have no real interest in the upcoming Olympics that are to be held in The UK – not for unknown reasons.

However, when Adidas original launched their ‘The Olympic Collection’, I had to have a look at it. Let me tell you beforehand that I was not surprised at all seeing the influence of UK’s flag on some of the Tee’s and other garments. After all, you always have to please the bigger devils and the so called patriots to garner larger volume of sales.


Coming back to the collection, this unisex line has a piece for everyone – from a cycler to a swimmer not one for me though.

Though I like bright colors to be inculcated in one’s wardrobe, but this launch by Adidas that takes inspiration from the fashion trends of late 80’s and 90’s looks shady and ungainly by all means. The tights, tees and shoes all have similar pattern of print work used on them thus giving a feel of monotony that could beat even my last girlfriend by miles.

Take a look…





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