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Malgudi Days By Bibhuti Bhattacharya

This collection by designer Joy Mitra, which is shot by fashion photographer Bibhuti Bhattacharya, is a tribute to the classic colonial era of costuming when British seamstresses joined hands with Indian tailors to create a fusion silhouette of great zing and finesse. Joy added that extra bit to his collection while using shades like black, ivory, red and gold. Fabrics such as georgette and net with textural treatment and sharp finishing form an interesting and appealing line that promises positive gains in the market.

Malgudi Days By Joy Mitra

Bibhuti Bhattacharya

From being an esoteric admirer of the visually beautiful, he has traversed a long distance. From being a wide eyed novice, whose senses were assailed by myriad visual challenges to seek what is obviously unseen; his sensibilities were molded, honed and refined in the challenging environment of Fashion.

Armed with a bachelorette in design from NIFT, he garnered the essential knowledge of creating the unknown; ideating from concepts to the actual creation. This creative transition has evolved his sensitivity to capture that elusive spark which separates the banal from brilliant.

With a decade of experience in designing, it was but natural for him to pick up a camera. Ideas and concepts came to reality through his view finder. Shapes & drapes, colours & cuts get a new dimension in his imagery. His imagery is a visual delight, imparting a voluptuous sensuality to what is caught in the cross sight of his lens.

His aim is not to shock or blandly inform the viewers, rather allow the viewer’s eye to caress the merging lines and create a individual story in the mind’s eye, a story which would forever remain.

Photography – Bibhuti Bhattacharya (
Designer – Joy Mitra
Shoot Production and coordination – Aditya Gulati (
Hair and make up – Ratul Boro
Models – Donna , Arfi lamba

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