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Hammad Shoaib- A Ranveer Singh Look A Like From Pakistan

By: Sandeep Verma

In our days, we have seen a lot of look a likes of celebrities- and yes I am talking only just about India right now. While some have been on the funny side; read- Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Saif Ali Khan, others have found a little more serious media mileage. But this time, it is Hammad Shoaib from Faisalabad, Pakistan, who is stealing the limelight for his identical resemblance to our Bollywood’s heartthrob – Ranveer Singh! A self-proclaimed bollywood lover, Hammad is proving out to be a huge hit on social media networks.

What makes it almost authentic, is his hairstyle, beard and chiselled jaw line, which are ridiculously similar to Ranveer Singh.

In his own words “I don’t imitate Ranveer Singh, but I like his personality. I don’t compare myself with him but people do. I still don’t believe that I look like him, but according to other people, the resemblance is a lot. I get compliments from men too, but as you know, it feels really good when you receive compliments from beautiful ladies.”

Unlike other look-a-likes, Hammad has a good taste in dressing and is often seen in sleek suits, bright shirts, loafers, skinny jeans and is known to be a good dancer. Ranveer are you listening?

Take a look at his picture guys … and you will be astonished with the similarities between the two.

Goodbye 2016. #newyeareve #beardgamestrong

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on


When you wake up in the middle of the night and your hairstyle looks perfect. #lazydays #beardgamestrong #goodday

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on


Dress to impress, not to express. #goodday #Ootd #beardgamestrong #dapperstyle

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

Damn! Got this collage last night. Much resemblance? @ranveersingh #lookalike

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

Life is good, life is good. #winters #Goodday

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

Welcome winters. #beardgamestrong #winters

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

One of my friends once said, I am in love with words and a zoned out poser… well, I will keep it the way it has been said! Besides that you can call me a compulsive poet, wanna-be painter and an amateur photographer

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  • Rahul Rastogi:

    This is crazy.. he looks so bloody similar to Ranveer Singh… bloody hell.. god is some creator ehh

  • Nitin Ahuja:

    Is he for real? I mean his beard … jaw line and man dressing sense too matches with ranveer singh

  • Sooraj:

    This is weirdly awesome

  • Parvesh Singh:

    Pakistan’s own Ranveer Singh lol

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