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  1. Hi Team,

    Good day to you!

    This is Neha from Trootrac Affiliate network. We recently came across to your website and found that you would be the perfect match to do partnership with for our affiliate network. Being our affiliate partner, you can earn a lot of money!

    Please let me know if this interests you. Awaiting for your response.


      • Hi Sav,

        I am Sunny Gurnani, one of the co-founders of AppBrowzer.com. We are a startup based in Bangalore and I personally follow articles on your site.

        We have recently created a WordPress plugin which will create a beautiful browsable App using your site information within minutes. Basically, all your WP posts will become App cards which can be browsed from our Mobile App, “Appbrowzer”. I thought this might add value to your readers as your site is already made on WordPress.

        You may try our beta product here http://beta.appbrowzer.com/beta_instructions

        Call me on below number if you have any queries or provide me with the best contact to get in touch.

        Greatly appreciate your feedback or any inputs.


        Sunny Gurnani
        +91 9686142860

  2. I am based out at Mumbai and into Celebrity Management.

    You may provide any celebrity requirements from Bollywood to TV stars, stand up comedian to Singers, choreographer to performers including Marathi genre artists.
    (Excluding Khan, Bacchan and Kapoor)

    Look forward for long term association.

    August Hands Inc.

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